WE WON? | More wingman with Jack [CS:GO]

Yes, I’m aware of the mitsakes in this video. (see what I did there?).
Jack and I continue our CS:GO adventure with another match of wingman, the 2v2 gamemode. Again, we are put on lake for the duration of the match. As mentioned in the video, following the links below would help me greatly.
YouTube (Subscribe): http://bit.ly/TOGSUBSCRIBE
Twitch: http://bit.ly/TOGTWITCH
Discord: http://bit.ly/TOGDISCORD
Website: https://thatoneguy.com.au/
Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/TOGSOUNDCLOUD
Steam Donation: http://bit.ly/TOGSTEAMDONATE
Help make subtitles/translations: http://bit.ly/TOGSUBTITLES

Thanks for watching!

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