That One Guy’s Short Swords Texture Pack Overlay (1.8.9+)

A short swords texture pack is really a personal preference. In the video above, I try them out for the first time. Personally, I really like them and will be using short swords in my future texture packs, and for general use.

Video Description:

“It’s not about the size of your sword, it’s about how you use it” – Some gamer girl, probably.

Today I implement shortened swords into my resource pack and come to realise that they made me play better. With the power of crummy logic, I made the swords even shorter, in hopes that they would give me more of an edge (or less actually, since I’m making a sword smaller).

The download link is at the bottom of the page.


0:00 – Intro / Using long swords

2:06 – Using short swords

11:52 – Making them even SHORTER

12:53 – Using the shortest swords ever

About this short swords texture pack

I hope this simple overlay will let you decide if you prefer short or long swords. I had been using long swords FOR YEARS before I switched to using my own short swords texture pack after a viewer commented the idea to me on a video. Give it a shot, it’s free!

There’s nothing too special about this pack. It’s 100% compatible with your other resource packs. To make it work, place it above your other packs in order for the swords to override. There are no other textures inside so you can happily use this alongside anything else you may have.

Feel free to yoink the textures yourself for your own purposes. If someone wants to download this overlay for themselves, please link them to THIS PAGE.

Happy comboing!

Download link:

Click here to download.

Note: You will have to wait 5 seconds and click “skip ad” before reaching the download page.

If you’d like to try out my colour blind resource pack, click here.

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