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That One Guy’s 3k Bedwars pack UPDATE RELEASE (32x)

That One Guy’s 3k Bedwars pack UPDATE (32x)… In this nicely edited video, I release the final version of my 200 subscriber resource pack. This includes a brightening of everything, a new sky, and a change here and there.

Old description / feature set:

Today I (finally) release my Minecraft texture pack. This pack was designed for PvP with bedwars and PvP in mind. I’ve been using this pack as my main pack since I started playing bedwars and have been updating and tweaking it slightly for months. There’s a whole bunch of features that I am yet to mention, as there are many.

For whatever reason, viewers have been asking for this pack for ages. I’m not really sure why you want it… but here it is I guess. I am by no means good at making packs, and I never really intended for this to be in any environment other than my own computer. Excuse any bugs, errors, or mishappens. Feel free to suggest different features as I’m always trying to improve it.

This is yet another short sword texture pack, but I have released a small addon if you wish to use long swords.

Features include:

  • Faithful x32 base
  • Optional short swords
  • Low fire
  • Custom sky
  • UHC Overlay
  • Ore borders
  • Old-time sounds (e.g. the old hit sound)
  • A wacky creeper sound
  • Slight vibrancy boost on all textures
  • Some sort of custom wool texture
  • Bragging rights that you have my pack.


You can download the pack here

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