JQGaming’s opinion on the Degroot trimp spot [TF2]

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Commentary: JQGaming
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Video transcript:

THe shield charge on rock exploit
How I cannot do it
How everyone else can do it
How its bullsh*t
And why its crushing your will to live

This is bullsh*t I cant do it, I wish I could it. Hey, what’s up ladies, gentlemen and otherwise, JQgaming here and today I’m talking about that one finicky shield charge exploit on the medieval mode that allows you to fly across into the enemy battlements above the final gate giving you access to easy kills. For those uncultured swine out there that haven’t played team fortress 2 or TF2 for an abbreviated term. TF2 is an online first person shooter released in 2007 for the platform of PC. Now I know what you’re thinking 2007, wow that must be older than half of pewdiepies fanbase. That’s because it is. But that is the mere tip of a very expansive iceberg. Team fortress 2 has multiple modes, but I consider there to be 3 main modes, filthy casual aka regular game, mann vs machine TF2,s PvE mode and then you have the community mode. The community mode is filled with servers made by TF2 players, including the one we are talking about today. Medieval Mode, a mode that only allows it’s players to use weapons that are reminiscent of that available in the medieval times this includes: Melee weapons, Bows and arrows and shields. But that does not have much to do with what we are talking about today. We are talking about the fact that outside the blue teams spawn there is a rock and from said rock you can use the demoman shield charge to launch yourself onto the enemy battlements which I spoke about earlier. I am yet to perform this exploit it is (in my opinion) finicky and makes me want to die and it ticks me off so much and yet I can hit quad feeds in enemy spawn and getting out alive.

YET I CANNOT PERFORM 1 SINGULAR EXPLOIT THAT ALL MY FRIENDS HAVE MASTERED. Anne frankly (WW2 pun) it makes me so sad I’m going to go back on TF2 and am going to attempt and do this said exploit, I wish you all a good day evening or whatever and hope that most of you understand what I’m talking about.

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