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    That One Guy

    Updated 16/7/2018.

    Basic Rules:
    1. Do not RDM (Random Death Match)
    2. Do not metagame (obtaining information that wouldn’t overwise be discovered in-game, such as a spectating friend telling you who the traitor is over discord.)
    3. Do not spam the chat or your microphone.
    4. Do not hack, cheat, or exploit any bugs. Feel free to report any bugs on the forums.
    5. Falsely accusing anyone of breaking rules may result in a minor punishment.
    6. Do have a readable/pronounceable name, understand that you may be given a nickname (e.g. JackeyBoii = Jack)
    7. Do not harass or bully other players.
    8. Do not impersonate members of staff.
    9. Do not prop block, any player should be able to walk through a doorway. You may use props to make it harder though.
    10. Due to an increasing amount of boredom due to camping players, do not camp in the same spot when there is a low amount of players alive.

    Gameplay Rules:
    1. Destroying or preventing function of a health station or the traitor tester is KOSable.
    2. Injuring players is KOSable.
    3. Traitor baiting (such as shooting near people) is KOSable.
    4. As a traitor, tell other traitors if you are doing something that may cause them to get killed. (e.g. C4)
    5. Do not kill AFK players, they will be automatically moved to spectator.
    6. Not identifying a body or trying to hide one is KOSable.
    7. If you are innocent and have collected a traitor weapon, announce it.
    8. Throwing harmful grenades without warning is KOSable.
    9. Refusing to go in the traitor tester is not KOSable.
    10. Before shooting a barrel without the intention of killing anyone, provide 3 clear, separate warnings prior to doing so.

    These rules are subject to change any time without notice.

    Feel free to comment any suggestions.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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