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    Personal Details:
    My name is Corey, I am 16 years old.

    What I am applying for:

    My past Admin experience:
    I have had Admin/SuperAdmin experience on multiple DarkRP servers and have also had co-owner experience on a TTT server.

    Why I should be selected for staff:
    I have had several hours of experience on RP servers, including admin experience, and I am aware of all the rules that need to be followed. I know how to use my role responsibly without abusing my power and can be trusted to make sure all the rules are followed correctly.

    Any kicks/bans that I have had:
    I have been kicked and banned from a few DarkRP servers due to admins abusing their power and kicking/banning me for no reason.

    Star Wars RP experience:
    I have not had too much experience on SWRP (only about 5 hours) but I have a good understanding of the rules and functions.

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    ACCEPTED! As you are aware, there are two owners, me and That One Guy.



    my name is seth and im 13
    What am i applying for:
    My past Admin Experience:
    i am new to admin and all that
    Why should i be selected for staff:
    i think i should be selected for staff because i love rp servers and i love helping out.
    Any kicks/bans that i have had:
    i have had no kicks or bans
    Starwars RP experience:
    i have been in 1 other server in a starwars rp and i was promoted to galactic marine PFC.

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