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Excelvan C6 – Great quality and a great price

Excelvan C6




Accuracy To Description


Sound Quality


Microphone Quality





  • Comfortable (Even With Glasses)
  • Easy To Set Up
  • Comes With Extra Buds
  • Long Lasting Battery


  • Uncomfortable for big ears
  • Poor Microphone Quality
  • Only 3 extra buds are provided
  • No Provided Case

The Excelvan C6 (or the “C6”) is a cheap set of Bluetooth earphones, but don’t let the price fool you! These earphones are of surprising quality and shouldn’t be judged by their minuscule price and bland packaging.

According to certain store pages, the Excelvan C6 is also known as:

Excelvan C6 Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Sports Headset Earphone Headphone Bluetooth Earpiece Sport Running Stereo Earbuds With Microphone Hands-free Call / On-cord Control / English Prompt / Sweat Resistant

Gearbest, March 2019

I used the C6 with an iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, a Huawei phone, Laptop, and PC (Both running windows). Mileage may be different depending on the device. As long as your device supports Bluetooth 4.2, the earphones will probably work as I describe them.

Inside The Box

Inside of the mailbag (which arrived very quickly, might I add), a simple cardboard box was inside. The box contained the headset, an instruction booklet (in both Chinese and English), a teeny tiny charging cable, and 2 extra pairs of buds (total of 3 different sizes).

I would’ve expected that I at least got a little pouch to store them in, but instead the company cut corners to save money. I had to get one myself to avoid pocket lint and other earphone damaging things.

Initial Setup

The initial pairing process was great. I held down the power button for a few seconds, and a voice said “power on”. Within a second later, a device called “C6” showed up in my Bluetooth menu. After the initial pairing process, I quickly noticed that the earphones would pair within one or two seconds of turning the device on.

My usual process for putting them on is:

  1. Holding the power button while putting the earphones in
  2. Typing the passcode for my phone while the C6 automatically pairs
  3. Hear “connected” by the time I hit the final digit to my passcode.

As you can tell, it’s very fast.

Comfort and fit

Regardless of my messy hair, the C6 looks nice and low profile.

The C6 have little hooks (very similar to the powerbeats) that comfortably hook around my ears. I often wear glasses and have had no issues using these.

There is a ~20cm wire which connects both of the buds together, it goes around the back of my neck, and I tend to forget about it because it does not irritate me at all. I would really prefer it if they had some sort of clip on the back though because if I only use one earpiece, the other one droops very low and stops movement. I tend to tuck one earpiece into my shirt or jacket to quickly remedy the issue. Buying a mini clothespin or using a bobby pin would remedy this though if you’re feeling adventurous.

Using the smallest provided buds, the C6 fit in my ears comfortably, I’ve worn them for hours on end without any issue at all. Sometimes they slip out a little bit and I have to shove them in my ear a little bit.

I tested these earphones on a 5km run, and noticed that these earphones are pretty bad against the wind. They were very hard to hear over the wind and started to slip out while running. This may have been due to the size of bud I was using.

On a short 1 km run with minimal wind, the earphones were nice and loud, and stayed in my ears perfectly. I couldn’t hear the 4 lanes of traffic that was next to me, even at a lower volume. I would agree on a 50/50 split between user error and wind for the running tests.

I usually use these earphones in class (when I’m allowed to!) and around the house without any issue at all.

Sound quality

These earphones sound great and very clear, I listen to songs from many different genres and had a positive experience overall. Regardless of the size I’m using, I feel that the bass is a little lacklustre unless I’m listening to a song with a particularly strong bass part – then I can feel it. I personally think that the bass should be a little better. It’s possible to use the EQ settings in a music player (E.g. Spotify) to help with this minor issue.

Even at the loudest volume, the earphones sound very nice and without any distortion at all, though this test was done without wearing the earphones, because I didn’t want to blow my ears out. My average listening volume is around 40-50% on my iPhone, and 8% on my PC.

Using the Excelvan C6

The buttons on the Excel C6
All function buttons are on the right earpiece.

On the right earpiece, there are three different buttons; 2 volume keys, and a multi-function button. Honestly, saying that is a little misleading because all the buttons serve multiple purposes. The experience is similar to a common pair of apple earphones.

Main button:

  • Power on/off
  • Play/pause
  • Redial
  • Siri/google assistant/voicedial (I have not tested with google assistant)

Turning on the device only requires a few second of holding the button, turning it off is a little finicky, so I usually hold it until the voice prompt says “power off”. Siri takes about 3 seconds of holding.

Volume up:

  • Volume up (Because that wasn’t obvious at all)
  • Skip song

Volume down:

  • Volume down (Who knew?)
  • Restart the current song/go to previous song

I originally thought that the main button would be really annoying to press, but it doesn’t really jam the earphone into my ear much at all, so it’s good enough.

Using these earphones are a blast, I don’t even need to touch my phone to connect, and start listening to music, and control it. Being able to connect the device to 2 devices at once is a really convenient feature too.

The microphone really isn’t great, but works well enough for calls.

Should you buy the Excelvan C6?

If you’re looking for a (very) cheap pair of Bluetooth earphones, and the style is acceptable to you, then by all means buy it. There aren’t really any blaring downsides except for the bass, but it can be fixed with software settings. If you like to have a really punchy bass, these might not be for you. But for the price, it’s a risky purchase worth buying.

Store link.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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