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Bedwars Halloween PvP Texture Pack & Download

Video Description

In today’s solo bedwars commentary, I try out the new bedwars map that were introduced in the Halloween update. Additionally, I use a nice Halloween PvP texture pack that was made by a fan of the channel. The swords are extra short on this pack so do as you wish with it.

The bedwars Halloween update is pretty cool, and the best part about it was buying the halloween victory dance effect.

Regarding the texture pack, I’m pretty sure that this is an fps boost texture pack, as my frames were very stable, even whilst recording 120fps footage at an insanely high bitrate. It has loads of cool features like short swords, simple blocks, very snazzy enchantment glint, and more! This video really doesn’t do it justice but gives you a good glimpse at what it’s like. Download it for yourself (it’s free!) to see how great it is.

What this Halloween PvP texture pack has to offer

A Halloween themed pack to make PvP the smoothest possible.


Smooth blocks

Animated ores

Short swords

Gradient diamond armour

And much more!

Deer, the texture pack creator.

I honestly didn’t expect the simple and smooth textures to look so good. From the start I was reminded of the old OCD texture pack my FVDisco back in the old days of minecraft, before bedwars existed. If you like simple textures or just want to try something out, I’d definitely suggest this pack.

Once Halloween is over, I’d still recommend it as it looks great, and the sky overlay matches any situation.

Download link

If you’d like to download this Halloween pvp texture pack for yourself, go ahead and hit that download!

Click here to download. (You’ll need to skip an ad first)

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