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That One Guy

Hi, I’m That One Guy! Well, that’s my internet name anyway. On my channel, I create content about things that I’m passionate about. This includes gaming videos, “How to” videos, music-related content, and a few random videos here and there. I am currently striving to expand both my channel and website (The one you’re on now!) to have even more content, with a larger variety of videos to suit different people. My main focus at the moment is to stay technology-related. For business enquiries, or if you’d like to collaborate with me (I’m more than happy to!) use the contact page


Hey everyone, My names Jack with my super original username JackeyBoii. You can find me yelling at youtube about demonetization or screaming at probable hackers in CS:GO (cause I’m bad.) That One Guy and I go back a fair bit and would like to consider myself as his really shitty and horrible right-hand man. I am excited to start editing and work to extend and grow the channel. I guess I’ll be seeing you around in the future.


Hello everyone, my name is Asher but my username is Acrafter111. At this point in time, I help the channel by recording Geometry Dash videos for the channel for you guys to enjoy. This is something I really enjoy doing and I hope to start recording some other games as well, maybe Realm Of The Mad God, if you’re interested. In the future, I hope to be helping That One Guy with many more videos and do some with him as well.


Oh, hello there. My name is Jaycob, my username is JQgaming and I am commonly referred to as Musty. I am one of a few content creators for That One Guy. I will not be featured in majority of his videos but I might show up from time to time. I enjoy annoying my friends, playing video games with said friends and discussing meme with…. AGAIN my group of friends. Don’t forget to follow That One Guy’s socials and subscribe to his channel.

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