5 Tips To Improve At Spy! [TF2]

The spy, one of the hardest classes to master in team fortress 2. This video showcases 5 important tips to play by. This guide is mainly for players with some experience with the game.

Video transcript:

The invisible french baguette dude, you know, the spy? One of the most difficult classes to play in team fortress 2. As a spy, your job is to travel behind enemy lines and poke people in the back with your little pointy stick. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

  1. Use your invisibility well.

Many players will believe that they can safely travel into enemy territory by going invisible and simply running through a choke point. This is not the case as invisibility does not equal invincibility.

If someone bumps into you, you will become partially visible, and they will almost instantly kill you.

Your best bet is to run through uncommonly use paths so you will only see the occasional one or two people. The fewer people you see is the fewer people you have a chance of making contact with.

  1. Disguises aren’t everything.

Many new players will also believe that their disguise is foolproof, and they won’t be discovered before stabbing someone’s backside. Most of the time, you should only be walking around visible for a few seconds, before going for a pick.  Most seasoned players will spy check anyone they see, and you will almost definitely get yourself killed.

Disguising as a scout will not give you extra speed or allow you to double jump but disguising as a heavy will certainly slow you down.

If relying on your disguise, be sure to be a class that matches your position. It makes sense for an engineer or dying player to be near a sentry nest, but it doesn’t make sense if there’s a medic going a flank route. If you ever disguise as a medic, be sure to change to the medigun by pressing your last disguise key “default: B” while holding your sapper.

  1. Position yourself correctly

Before you even cloak, you should have a general idea of where you are going. Make sure that you know where the ammo packs are so you can refill your cloak for maximum cloak time. When going for a stab, be sure that you uncloak out of the enemies site, while still staying somewhat close to your target. It’s okay for a stray enemy to see you, as long you get the kill and re-cloak before they can do any serious damage. You can also try surfing an explosive to get away faster than Barry Allen. Surfing is essentially using the explosion knockback to your advantage by essentially flying away. There’s plenty of tutorials on this, and I may even make one at some point in the future.

  1. Use your gun

You may be thinking “BUT THAT ONE GUY, YOU CAN DO LIKE A GAZILLION DAMAGE WITH THE KNIFE, WHY USE THE GUN THAT ONLY DOES 50 DAMAGE?”. Well you see, young spy, you aren’t always behind your opponent. If you think about it, 3 shots with the default revolver will kill any non-overhealed scout, medic, engineer, sniper, or fellow spy. If you hit all 6 shots, you could even kill a non-overhealed heavy! Using something like the Diamondback, you get FREE CRITS for doing your main jobs as a spy; backstabbing and sapping buildings. Whilst dishing out 102 damage per hit, you can actually kill any class, given that you saved up several crits.

  1. Play a different class

Though I may sound like an Engie that got their sentry sapped saying this, but it’s a fact that you should be playing other classes. Sometimes, when I’m playing very successfully in a match, a few other players in my team will switch to spy, making me one of three spies. I don’t have any issue with people trying out the class or wanting to main it, but the newer players will play poorly and end up making the enemy team extremely paranoid, which overall makes it more difficult for all the spies to play.

An important thing to playing spy is getting into your opponent’s head. You must know what each class should be doing so you can have a believable disguise. The best way to do this is to actually take the time to learn each class.

Overall, logic, situational awareness, and mind games will aid you through a match as a spy. I hope you enjoyed this video and learnt something new while watching it. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments or utilize the contact us page on my website.

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