Minecraft Colourblind Resource Pack for 1.8.9

Video Showcasing the resource pack

This week I spend my free time editing minecraft’s textures to make my life hard. My custom resource pack makes almost all the textures greyscaled, which makes bedwars (a game where there are 8 teams of varying colours) very difficult. I play two round on my own (live commentary included), and 2 more with my buddy Akrore.

So you’ve seen the colourblind bedwars challenge and wish to try it for yourself? Well, you’ve stumbled into the right place.

“That One Guy’s Minecraft colourblind resource pack” is really good fun if you’re looking for a not so difficult yet more challenging experience for Minecraft. Every block still has it’s original Minecraft texture, so it is possible to distinguish each block. All of these textures are put on a brighter or darker hue depending on the type of coloured block. That One Guy’s video highlights this texture pack while having fun doing so. While being not so difficult, the texture pack puts a little twist and a more challenging aspect to Minecraft

(this was a joke)

(just download the pack)

Akrore – 2020

What’s been changed?

There’s honestly not much to say about it.

The following textures have been changed:

  • 99% of textures have been changed to be greyscale.

Download link

The only reason you’re here!

Click here.

If you’d like to use this resource pack in your own video

Please credit my name (That One Guy), and the video above alongside this link.

For example:

Resource pack by That One Guy.

Beyond the Bedwars Colourblind Challenge

Feel free to experiment and play other gamemodes/vanilla minecraft without regular colours!

Note: The Minecraft colourblind resource pack was designed specifically for 1.8.9. There is a high chance that it will not work on later or earlier versions. Feel free to test it out and report back.


That One Guy.

Mojang for the orignal textures.

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